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Puri Tour Package

Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days

Day 01

ARRIVE AT BHUBANESWAR Our cab will receive guests at Puri/BhubaneswarStation/Airport, check in at Hotel & after refreshment leave for Bhubaneswar sightseeing Lingaraj Temple, Kedar Gouri Temple, Rajarani Temple, Mukteswar Temple, Nandan Kanan Zoo (Tiger Safari & Lion Safari), Khandagiri & Udaygiri Caves, ISKCON Temple. Evening will be at leisure,Overnight stay at Bhubaneswar.

Day 02

BHUBANESWAR - PURI Morning after Breakfast guest will leave for Puri, on the way visit Dhauligiri, Pipili Craft Market, Shakhigopal Temple & Raghurajpur World Heritage Village. Check in at Hotel in Puri after refreshment leave for Lord Jagannath evening Alati Darshan also attends Flag Hosting ritual of Lord Jagannath. Evening will be at leisure at Puri Beach. Overnight stay at Puri

Day 03

CHILKA LAKE Morning after breakfast leave for Satpada, on the way visit Maa Baliharchandi Temple, Alarnath Temple and Cruise inside the Chilka lake. On the way back to Puri visit Sakhigopal Temple, Raghurajpur Crafts Village. Evening will be leisure at sea beach. Overnight stay at Puri.

Day 04

KONARK TOUR Morning after Breakfast guest will leave for Konark. On the way visit Ramachandi Temple, Chandrabhaga Beach, Konark Temple later leave for Puri. Evening will be leisure at sea beach and also Shopping. Overnight stay at Puri.

Day 05

PURI LOCAL SIGHTSEEING Morning after breakfast leave for local sightseeing at Puri Lord Jagannath Darshan. Visit local temples in Puri like Gundicha Temple, Mata Matha, Tota Gopinath, Swarga Dwar,evening will be in leisure, Overnight stay at Bhubaneswar.

Day 06

DEPARTURE MMorning after breakfast check out from hotel and shopping around Bhubaneswar and evening drop at Bhubaneswar station.

Note :: Customise All Pakages as per your requirement.

Place of Tourist Interest

Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple of Puri is one of the most popular temples of the place. The basic structure of the temple has a total height of about 65 meters. It is supposed to be established in the 12th century.The Jagannath Temple in Puri is situated on the Nilgiri Hills. One of the main attractions of this temple of Orissa is the bhoga that it distributes. The Bhoga Mandir and the Nata Mandir were put up later on in the 15th century and the 14th century respectively. This temple is one of the tallest temples that have been established in the country of India.The Jagannath Temple, Puri was established to pay homage to the Lord of the Universe. The name of the temple is derived from two different words. These are 'jag' and 'nag'. The first word means 'universe and the second word means 'lord'. This temple of Puri is well acclaimed amongst the people who have faith in the religion of Hinduism in India as one of the Char Dham. The Char Dham is supposed to be four most significant centers of pilgrimage for the people following the Hindu religion in the subcontinent. The Jagannath Temple at Puri shares the name of Char Dham along with Badrinath, Dwarka and Rameshwaram.


If you thought erotic sculpture adorn the temple walls only in Khajuraho, Konark would prove you wrong. The Sun temple of Konark is no less than 700years old and is hazed in myths and legends. The temple resembles the mythical chariot of the Sun God. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site. It is a wonderful evidence of ancient Indian architecture where the language of stone defeats the language of man. Come to Konark during the Konark Festival every winter when the temple reverberates with the sound of ghungroos of famous dancers from all over India.Konark derives its name from Konarka (presiding deity of the Sun temple) and is a combination of 'Kona' meaning corner and 'Arka' meaning sun. Konark with its serene ambience, majestic seashore and the heritage sites is regarded as an ideal regarded as an ideal holiday destination.Konark is almost synonymous with the famous Konark Dance Festival which is the most popular festival in Konark.The three-day cultural extravaganza, held every year in the month of December, captivates the audience as leading Indian exponents of various Indian classical dance forms and folk dances. The best way to enjoy shopping in Konark would be a leisurely stroll through the markets of the city of Konark. Konark is famous for the exquisitely carved images of Hindu Gods and decorative items made of stone, horn and woodcarvings.

Satapada on Chilika

Satapada is a lake side resort located on the southeast side of Chilika lagoon which is the largest brackish water lake in Asia. 50 Km. From Puri, on the road leading to land's end you find Satapada. A tiny cluster of seven islands 'sata' means seven and "pada' means village. This is where the lake meets the Bay of Bengal. Chilika covers an area of 1,165 square Kilometers over the district of Puri, Khurda and Ganjam. Chilika is home to more than a hundred species of fish and dolphins. With the onset of winter, birds begin to arrive in Chilika.

To visit this temple of Puri, one has to travel to the town. The airport closest to Puri is situated in the city of Bhubaneswar. The popularity of the Gundicha Ghar Temple of Puri can be well understood from the fact that it is often compared with the Jagannath Temple of Puri. According to popular belief, the Gundicha Ghar Temple at Puri is the abode of the aunt of Lord Krishna, who is called Gundicha. The temple has got its name from this mythical figure associated with the religion of Hinduism. According to the myths and legends of Hindu religion, the Gundicha Ghar Temple in Puri is the place where the lord spends as many as 9 days of a year at the time when the festival of Rathyatra is celebrated in the town of Puri. A very popular Hindu ceremony that is associated with the Gundicha Ghar Temple, Puri is related with the celebrations of Rathyatra. On this occasion, the images of the mythical figures of Balabhadra, Jagannath and Subhadra, who are supposed to be siblings, are carried from the Jagannath Temple to the Gundicha Ghar Temple of Puri. They are transported on beautifully decorated chariots, which are made of wood. It is believed that Gundicha gives a welcome to the three siblings with a special delicacy made of rice called 'padoapitha'.

Loknath Temple

The Loknath Temple of Puri has been put up to pay homage to Lord Shiva. Therefore, this temple of Puri is also referred to as the Shiva temple of the region. According to popular belief, Lord Rama established this lingam with the help of a pumpkin. This temple of Orissa is supposed to have been established in the 11th century or the 12th century AD. The believers of the Hindu religion often come to this temple to get a glimpse of Lord Loknath. It is widely believed that he has the power to cure the common people from all types of problems related to health. A couple of festivals associated with the Hindu religion are celebrated with pomp and grandeur at the Loknath Temple. The most important festival that is celebrated at this temple of Orissa is the Saranti Somobar Fair.The Loknath Temple at Puri is located at a distance of about 1 km from another very well reputed temple of the town called the Jagannath Temple. There are a number of popular mythical stories that are closely associated with this temple. The most well known of all the myths and legends about the Loknath Temple in Puri is related to Lord Rama, one of the most popular epic figures linked with the religion of Hinduism.

Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple

The Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple at Puri is often visited by the tourists as a place of tourist interest. However, the temple is of special importance to the people who adhere to the beliefs of the religion of Hinduism. A number of devotees who belong to the Hindu religion often come to this temple, which is considered very pious by them. The people with religious inclination must visit the Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple to offer prayers within the serene ambiance that is maintained within the temple.If one wants to visit the Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple in Puri, then he has to first travel to the town of Puri, which is well connected to many other important places within the country. To go to Puri by air, one must avail the airport that is nearest to the place, which is situated in the Bhubaneswar city at a distance of 65 kms. One can also communicate to Puri by rail from many major parts of the country like Bhubaneswar, Berhampore, Kolkata, Delhi, Kochi, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Tirupati, Chennai, Varanasi and Trivandrum.The Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple of Puri is one of the most frequently visited temples of the town.

Suna Goswami Math

The Suna Goswami Math is one of the most popular attractions for the visitors to the city. There are a number of maths at this place of India and the Suna Goswami Math is one of the most famous maths of the region. A couple of festivals associated with the religion of Hinduism are celebrated at the Suna Goswami Math of Puri. Some of the most important festivals that are celebrated at this math of Orissa are the Banaklagi, the Chandan Yatra, the Agni Utsava and the Snana Purnima.


Location of Paradeep or Paradip, as it is also called, is in itself beautiful. In the confluence of river Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal, the land stuns you with its amazing views. Be it the sunrise or the sunset, you would not want to miss a moment of it. Here are the leading attractions in Paradeep.

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